Clean hands and handles – with the HygieneStation two-in-one

Every day, our hands touch many things, including the hands of strangers.
Since we do not know what these people have come into contact with before and whether they have been infected with viruses and bacteria, we are exposed to unknown dangers here.
Inevitably, contact with shopping trolley handles is also one of the potential sources of danger.

Our HygieneStation two-in-one offers a high-quality and at the same time caring gel without contact, with which sensitive hands – even children’s hands – can be cleaned. The LED illumination of the compartment is triggered by a motion sensor.
The disinfectant wipes can be used to clean shopping trolley or door handles, and the used wipes can be disposed of immediately in the waste bin. This keeps the area around the HygieneStation clean.

Healthy customers are preserved.

The service doors of the HygieneStation are securely closed. It is therefore not possible to steal disinfectants.