Standstill = regression!

The time is ripe for a new generation of trolley shelters.

The market has encouraged us to follow the successful TRIGON box series since 2012 with a new line.

With the PLANUS model, the trendsetter AlKuTec has once again succeeded in creating a promising series.

The flat roof is set in scene by an elegant and high-quality surrounding parapet, which at the same time ensures a modern yet robust appearance.

Powder coated or real wood
The attic appears unobtrusive and harmonious, it is powder-coated in Parkbox colour.
As an eye-catcher and design element it is set off with real wood cladding or in colour.

Also a highlight from a technical point of view.
Contemporary: Roof construction with opaque sun protection function Versatile: side wall elements with printed plastic in various designs
Variable: Roof and wall elements made of real glass, real wood or aluminium lamellas